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Новости / Mystery of the opal

Mystery of the opal


Who the first in history introduced trend on opals, why white stones are considered the most "peaceful", and somehow magical impact they possess — about this and about many other things-in article below.

Name: opal — from canccr. the words "upala" are translated as "precious stone".

Hardness on Mohs scale: 5-6,5

Color: various (more than 100 options)

Basic type
White opals-translucent color, with a light blue shimmer.

Black opals-these include stones and purple, blue, green and Burgundy shades; with a multicolored glow, often observed red flashes.

Set with natural opals

"Harlequin" is the name of an opal with a multicolored pattern, shimmering with different colors.

"Fire" opals are called stones of yellow and red color.

"Hydrophane" - a stone of white color, in which color it is possible to distinguish other shades. In contact with water becomes transparent and begins to flicker. "Lehos-opal" - opal green, shimmering greenish and Burgundy flashes.

"White opal" — opal is an opaque milky-white color.

"Girasol" is the name of blue, white opals shimmer with reddish tones.


Brooch with red opals

Set with red opals


"Royal" opals are called stones with unusual color: inside they are dark red or bronze, the border is bright green.

"Peruvian" are called orange and bluish-green opals.

"Resopal" is the stone of Apple-green hue.

"Irisopal" - the name of a colorless or brownish opal with a monochrome shimmer.

Interesting facts about opal
Not otherwise as "bewitching vision" (opalus) called this stumbling magic beauty ancient Romans; "striking eye" (ὀπάλλιος) - ancient Greeks. The secret of opal lies in the incredible optical effect-opalescence: getting under bright lighting, the stone begins to glow with pearlescent iridescent color iridescence or "spots".

It was the unearthly beauty of the stone in ancient times caused the persecution of the Roman Senator Nonius, who had the largest such nugget in the world. Because of such a treasure, the Senator was envied by the Emperor Antony himself, who ordered him to be expelled from his homeland. Nonius went on the run, but opal, according to sources, saved and preserved.

Jewelry with opals

The structure of opal is of particular interest to researchers — it can contain up to 20% water!

The best specimens of these amazing stones found in Australia — the country where the main deposits are located — are estimated at more than $10,000 per... carat!

And the next fact for those who would like to show off not only luxurious jewelry with opals from the new collection SOKOLOV Cruise, but also the title of connoisseur of curious cases from history. English Queen Victoria once became the Savior of the rare opal stone, launching perhaps the first jewelry "PR campaign"! The fact that opal in ancient times attributed a variety of magical properties, and by the XIX century it came to the fact that the stone simply began to "fear". A lot of Antiques and heirloom household utensils, inlaid with opals, were simply thrown away for "uselessness": the reason for this was a variety of superstitions associated with these beautiful stones. At the same time, in Australia, where the British colony was then located, the world's largest mineral deposits had just begun to be explored. It was necessary to somehow "advertise" precious stones, so that every fashionista wanted to have a decoration, not remembering the former notoriety of opal. Queen Victoria found a way out: she became a trendsetter, just starting to bring opal necklaces, rings and earrings into high society. The ladies of the court, and then the commoners, all began to fuss: everyone wanted jewelry, like the Queen herself!


Set with blue opals

Jewelry with opals

Magical properties
Zodiac synergy: opal is ideal for people born under the sign of Pisces. Of course, feeling the stone "special" heat, its mascot can make almost everyone.

Properties of the amulet: since ancient times, opal has been used as an "antidote", able to resist dark magic, magical damage, the evil eye and natural disasters. To this day, knowledgeable people claim that the unusual mineral protects its owner from thieves, fires, lightning during thunderstorms and other accidents.

Love talisman: in Eastern countries the opal was worn as an amulet, as a guard of love and family happiness.

Influence of color: black opal "favors" only Scorpions; other representatives of the zodiacal circle stone affects not the best way: someone has a fear of darkness, another-a craving for deception, temptations and temptations of various kinds. White opals, on the contrary, are considered "peaceful" stones: a restless person is given harmony in the soul; someone who does not understand people — insight and intuition, and also — help to develop natural talents and understand their purpose.

Jewelry with opals

Multiplication effect: opals set in gold double their magical effect, but it is not recommended to wear such jewelry every day-choose silver as a frame for everyday wear.

Healing properties: according to the assurances of lithotherapists, opal contributes to the treatment of nervous diseases, helps to eliminate depression and insomnia, the effects of stressful situations. The ancients believed that the magic stone helps to prevent heart ailments, fainting, and also saves from depression. In addition, it is said that to look at the unusual shimmer on the surface of the stone should not only pleasure for, but also to maintain the health of vision for the sake of. To believe or not-deal your, but we accurately know, that "being veiled" opal will attract to itself nor one admiring glance in your side!

Jewelry with opals

Set with white opals


The law of attraction: opal accumulates both positive and negative energy, so that as a talisman it should be chosen only by conscientious and honest people; those who are accustomed to "darken" the stone, according to ancient beliefs, promises various misfortunes. If same opal becomes an amulet human bountiful, disinterested, him is beginning to bad luck literally around the, for that would he nor undertook.

The property of "transformation": surprisingly, opals are suitable for women of different color types. This-one of the few stones, which under fitting "perfectly drive" and on blondes, and on brunettes, and on redheads. The fact is that, thanks to the above-mentioned optical illusion, causing on its surface multi-colored shimmers, the stone seems to "adjust" to any skin tone and eye shade, emphasizing the dignity of the appearance of its owner.

Silver jewelry with opals